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Updated: Mar 11

Well, it's been a long year with people shut in isolation and watching the world collapse before our very eyes. But its not all been doom and gloom, people all over the world have been creating music, Symbiotic being just one of many.

Released in January 2021 its now been a full year since Forgotten Pasts has been available, in that time Symbiotic has been in a few other projects, working with great bands such as, Paranoid Visions and Newtown Aces. Been reviewed in several places and had some great airplay on independent Radio stations.

Here is a link to a word video project Symbiotic created for Newtown Aces - Punk Walk, a fantastic band, check them out:

Next Paranoid Visions kindly asked if I would like to re-mix one of their songs for them for their latest release to be used as a Bonus download, I was honoured and privileged to be asked.

I chose the song Art is a Hammer purely because of Dekko's vocals are so awesome! and the sentiment of the song suited my feelings at the time. You can listen to this directly on my Homepage or even better buy the LP or download it!

Forgotten Pasts has had a great reception and songs have been featured on the newly released Flipside Freaks Red LP from Flicknife Records, reviewed in Vive Le Rock Magazine, also my song was specifically named as one of the best in Shindig Magazine! . Forgotten Pasts is now also available from the Flicknife Store!

And of course how could I forget my re-mix of Securicor by CRASS! Featured on the digital download from . For my this is a great achievement as you may or may not know I am and have always been a massive Crass lover.

Exciting things are still happening with further airplay on local and independent Radio still happening and reviews to be printed in other great Rock magazines.

I realise this is a lot of info to read, however, there is a lot going on!

As the lockdown continued life carried on albeit rather differently to our 'normal' existence.

During 2021 Symbiotic realised there was a lot more music yet to be created, realised, produced and put out for you lovely people, this time it took the shape of a new moniker...Oxytocin.

A move more towards rock and balladesque songs and a move away from the conceptual theme. Check out Oxytocin's LP Magick here soon to be released on CD but already on every major download platform.

I think it's also important to point out the origin of the Red Right Hand across the face, no it's nothing to do with Nick Cave, although I am a fan of specific Lp's by this wonderful composer. here is a a photo which explains it in a few words.

Finally love and peace to you all, thanks for reading and listening!

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